Innovation Born from Necessity
Introducing the first Remote Controlled Convertible Outboard Tender
Exclusive Patented Design enables compact stowage for garage, platform, and flybridge applications.
This revolutionary patented technology utilizes a mechanical system at the simple push of a button reducing volume and increasing your options for tender storage aboard your yacht.
Traditionally, tenders with outboard motors require extra length and height when the engine is tilted and stowed, making garage storage very difficult. In comparison, jet tenders are prone to mechanical issues, and can be heavier.

Palm Beach Tenders have revolutionized tender operation and storage, utilizing a patented technology that easily stores the tender’s outboard with the simple push of a button. Designed to be practical, light, and extremely efficient, Palm Beach Tenders offers an innovative line of convertible outboard tenders with the following benefits when compared to other tender solutions:

• Increased space aboard for the occupants & storage
• Increased hull length with consequential improved handling
• Reduced stowed length and height
• Forward-shifted center of gravity which makes launching & recovery easier
• Better performance and maneuvering with low power especially in high sea grass areas
• Reduced fuel consumption compared to jet tenders
• Minimized risk of engine flooding
• Reduced weight compared to jet tenders
• Easier servicing and maintenance
• Shallow water operation and beaching capability without the worry of clogging jet pump or engine with sand


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